About us - Svenskor i Sydney

Svenskor i Sydney (SiS) is the oldest of the Swedish clubs in Sydney. It is a great meeting point for Swedish Women in Sydney for newly arrived and for those who are already established in Australia.

The club was founded in 1960 by a number of Swedish women who wanted to stay in contact and create a closer Swedish community in Sydney. The aim was to keep Swedish traditions alive and to incorporate traditional Swedish celebrations into the new way of life in Australia.

Today the club co-organises the very much appreciated Swedish Lucia and Midsommar celebrations that are open to the general public, as well as arranging traditional festivities only for the SiS members such as a yearly Valborg celebration, themed dinners, professional women´s networking evenings and cultural events like visits to art galleries, walks, pub nights, weekend excursions etc. SiS also holds a weekly Swedish playgroup for parents with pre-school children and many of the older children keep up their friendships at the Swedish School at various locations in Sydney.

SiS has about 100 members in all ages, in addition to keeping Swedish traditions alive it is actively working to provide a modern platform for respectful and constructive friendship between its members: Swedish women living in Sydney.

If you have any questions and want to get in touch with us, please send us an email to:

svenskorisydney (at) gmail.com